One of Steve Jobs top quotes. It reminds me of a good discussion we had in one of our MBA classes about CD’s. Jobs and Apple had the right perspective on being in the right industry. He revolutionized the way we as a society saw music transfer versus just CD’s. If we always purchased the CD’s and “ripped” them into MP3’s that would limit the transfer options. Instead, Apple launched the ITunes Music store and allow people to not just purchase a CD, but purchase by single songs if they so choose.

In current times, while new MP3, audio book stores have emerged, the pricing strategy of Apple still permeates even the song/ album options. Apple released a 3 tier structure in which they have songs at $.69/ $.99/ and $1.29 per song. This is a premium price strategy as the most in demand, popular, and best songs are at the top price point. It maximizes the profit for the most purchased songs and even albums.

So, I ask myself, and those readers out there, do you just want to sell sugared water, or do you want to take the steps and actions necessary to change the world?

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