About Me

I am first a husband, father, and son.  Professionally, I get to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  Since graduated with my undergraduate degree in 2002, I have had the pleasure of serving others while employed in the industries of telecommunications, financial, higher education, and most recently fitness.

I completed my MBA in April of 2011.  A wonderful opportunity for me that resulted from my MBA at ORU happened in the summer of 2010.  I was able to present a co-authored paper on the economic impact of Chile on South America in June of 2010 at the Pan Pacific Business Association Conference in Bali, Indonesia alongside co-author and wife, Dr. Rebecca Gunn.  Presenting was a special opportunity for sure, but the diversity of academics who were there and the areas of research being explored was incredible. We met people from all over the globe, and even just across our northern state border, in Kansas.

Married into a family who loves to travel, and having come naturally by the joy of travel, life is good! I enjoy traveling all over the nations and getting to share in the wonderful culture both here and abroad.  I have been specifically to 6 Spanish-Latin speaking countries and have developed a special love for the family culture and appreciation for good food!  These experiences of travel combined with my studies have helped to solidify my conversational Spanish speaking ability, which has also been helpful for me within the business arena as well.  Other countries visited include Greece, Austria, the United Kingdom (both Scotland and England), Germany, and Italy.  Travel is exhaustingly invigorating.  If you have traveled much, you know what I mean.  In the thick of travel, you can be tired, and yet for those who enjoy it, the scenery, the culture, the experiences…they are all refreshing to the soul!

My favorite “position” is shared as husband and father!  I truly enjoy and have a passion for being present as a dad and husband day in and day out with my family. Too many families have physically present but emotionally and spiritually absent fathers. Not on my watch.  Thanks for visiting and whether you are a mother or father currently, you are first a daughter or son. Knowing The Father is the most crucial point and decision anyone can make.

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