About Me

I am first a husband, father, and son.  Professionally, I am a strategic management, training, and creative thought leader.  I have over 15 years of measured success in telecommunications, finance and higher education industries. Of those fifteen years my time was devoted to sales roles in the telecommunications, service and finance industries. Through all roles a passion for customer satisfaction and retention has been a driving force.  I have a versed background in management, organizational leadership and executive strategic communication.  Thanks to my MBA concentration in Management and Bachelor in Communications and Business, I enjoy conducting strategic assessments, executing training and development sessions, and creative leadership development.

I completed my MBA in April of 2011.  One of my favorite opportunities that resulted from my MBA at ORU happened the summer of 2010.  I was able to present a co-authored paper on the economic impact of Chile on South America in June of 2010 at the Pan Pacific Business Association Conference in Bali, Indonesia.  Nearly completely fluent in Spanish, I enjoy traveling to the Latin nations and getting to share in the wonderful culture both here and abroad.  This skill has also been helpful for me within the business arena as well.  One of my favorite aspects of the MBA program was the blending of the Management, Leadership, Accounting, and Marketing skills with-in the Strategic processes to drill down, discover and identify positioning in a market.  This was followed by the strategic plan forward for the organization.  As part of the capstone MBA class, strategic market plans were completed for Coca-Cola, Royal Caribbean, and McDonald’s.


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