Money Stewardship

After working in a variety of industries, I have come across a variety of websites, companies, and concepts that I will place on this page to be a resource.

First of all, I am a proponent of being debt free if at all possible.  Having a home is a privilege and a gift. Being a good steward of your money and assets is not only the right thing to do, but it will help you be successful in life, family, and business.    Carrying a mortgage with on time payments will help your long term credit but it should not be something that is done just to say you own a home.

So, whether you have the honor and privilege of owning a home, or have chosen to rent a home or apartment, condo, etc, here are some fiscally responsible links to pages I have found helpful:

Dave Ramsey –
Clark Howard –
Danny Lipford –

Some applications on the mobile platforms I have found to be helpful include: (online as well as the OS applications)
Credit Karma (Acquired by LifeLock)

After working in several roles that deal with people’s credit management, if I may share anything, I would share that you are responsible and in charge of your credit. Being aware of your credit report is a consumer given right and if you don’t currently, you should request your free annual credit report from the various bureaus.  Credit Karma (already mentioned above) does this for you. However you should be aware of the different names:

A page I have used for this is which should take you to a “credit360” page and is secured. Checking your own credit is different than a creditor checking it, and you are just learning what creditors are reporting on your payment history. Even if you are paying on time, it’s up to you to keep the creditors in line and accountable to the bureau’s report so your history matches what has actually taken place.

I hope this page is helpful. I will try to update with new tips as I come across new things.

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