Following Shadows or Purpose

As many do at the end of the month or the first of each new month, this week was billing time. As I was working through billing processes this week, of course, we all had another Groundhog Day. I had to laugh a little as I learned this year that there was a “competitor” to the famous Punxsutawney Phil. I have not paid much attention if a groundhog pulled out of his burrow “sees” or doesn’t “see” his shadow each year. Around this time of year, I have been more focused on a date on the calendar a few weeks alone.

More on that later.

But first, can we just admit that at times it does seem that asking a groundhog to predict the weather is about as accurate of a chance as our local weather teams have to get it right?!! HA!

So – this year I learned that Punxsutawney Phil is not THE only groundhog who is consulted on what weather we will have for the next 6 weeks. Not only that, but this groundhog actually has a better record of getting the prediction correct!! Staten Island Chuck, Phil’s apparent adversary has a differing prediction this year, in particular. An article on NPR stated the following: “While Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers — a group of top hat-clad gentlemen known as the Inner Circle — say he’s always right (and that he is the “only true weather forecasting groundhog”), data from the Stormfax Almanac puts that number closer to 39%. The Staten Island Zoo says its star groundhog has an 85% accuracy rate.” <– link to the article for those interested.

So, why am I talking about an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter? Well, for one- depending on how the year has started, maybe you can pick which prediction you like and go with that. 🙂 But bigger than that, I wanted to circle back to my mention of the calendar earlier. When Feb 1st hits each year, I am looking at restaurants and flower deals, and getting some great cards. Why would I do that?
Well – Valentine’s day of course!!
Here’s my big picture point of this – keep your eyes on the purpose and plans God has given you and don’t be swayed by the “groundhogs” that pop out of the dirt and make predictions on your atmosphere or circumstances.

Stay the course!

Make the plans and walk them out! Let’s take it a step further – this week, thousands of people are examining why they set their new year resolutions and why on earth they already quit, or didn’t keep consistency, or didn’t do this or that… Let Valentine’s Day also be a reminder to each of us to find ways to show God’s love to others around us.

Great intentions don’t mean squat compared to being greatly intentional.


I would be remiss if I also didn’t celebrate those who have completed 34-35 days of new habits, growing in their consistency and passion for making a difference in 2022! Way to go! Comment below what have you been winning thus far in 2022?

Also – guys – Valentine’s is about 10 days away…time to get those plans moving if you don’t have any! 🙂

What plans are you needing a reset on? Just because it’s the first week of February and something didn’t work out, may not mean those plans/ habits/ changes, etc…cannot be continued! Press the reset button and begin again! Focus on doing it today! Each day you get up, let it be “I will do this today!”
When we decide on things in advance, interruptions and deterrents find it hard to derail us.

You can make it!!




One of Steve Jobs top quotes. It reminds me of a good discussion we had in one of our MBA classes about CD’s. Jobs and Apple had the right perspective on being in the right industry. He revolutionized the way we as a society saw music transfer versus just CD’s. If we always purchased the CD’s and “ripped” them into MP3’s that would limit the transfer options. Instead, Apple launched the ITunes Music store and allow people to not just purchase a CD, but purchase by single songs if they so choose.

In current times, while new MP3, audio book stores have emerged, the pricing strategy of Apple still permeates even the song/ album options. Apple released a 3 tier structure in which they have songs at $.69/ $.99/ and $1.29 per song. This is a premium price strategy as the most in demand, popular, and best songs are at the top price point. It maximizes the profit for the most purchased songs and even albums.

So, I ask myself, and those readers out there, do you just want to sell sugared water, or do you want to take the steps and actions necessary to change the world?


As is the case with most people these days, change is a normal, if not daily thing.  I have had the joy of welcoming my first child, a beautiful baby girl into our lives 8 weeks ago.  Having my daughter look into her daddy’s eyes and just stare has shaken me and melted me all at the same time.  I have seen many friends posting in social media a daily thought to be thankful for and I have enjoyed those thoughts.  I am thankful for the joy of being a husband and father and what I think amazes me is how fast these weeks have already gone by.
I hear people say how fast time will go by, and I think although I believe them, I feel like surely it will be different for me.  So, as I acquiesce to the reality that time does indeed go at the same rate, whether we want it to be slower or faster, I have a challenge for myself and anyone who takes the time to read this.  Take time to call up your father, for those who can, or if you are like me, take time to be thankful for the moments and memories you were able to make while with your father.  If you are near your father geographically, take some time and talk with him in person, and stare into his eyes instead of your electronic device.  Pick up the phone and ask him to speak something into your life that only a father can say.

After just returning from a family trip with my wife’s family, I have to say I wish everyone got the chance to spend yearly visits with multi-generations and just talk.  The younger generation is so inclined to plug into some source of controllable input such as an iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone rather than taking time to engage in meaningful conversation with the generations that have lived longer and prior to their earthly existence.  We had in our midst over the holidays the Great-Grandparents all the way to my daughter.   We got to see sights as a family that many people dream of getting to go to just one or two of them..let alone all of them in less than 1 week.

Life is indeed a gift, so let’s take time during this season following Thanksgiving and leading to Christmas to continue in a thankful frame of mind.  Always try to keep the “Thankful Filter” on as you walk through your day.  This can mean the difference in how you deal with a loved one, family member, employee, employer, or friend.  Be the thermostat rather than the thermometer.  Set the atmosphere rather than reflecting it.  Try it leading up to Christmas and let us see the perspective with which we enter 2013.

Daddy and daughter at 4 weeks