Seeking what matters


I found myself seeking out the news outlets recently one morning trying to find out what ended up happening to the Hurricane which was going through the Hawaiian islands.
Before the weekend it was THE top story on the news outlets. As of first of this week, I hadn’t heard anything. It’s mostly because it downgraded to a tropical storm, thankfully. Clearly there was devastation and no doubt people are working to make it through all the rain, but I found it interesting that I had to go searching for that which was of importance to me, but not necessarily the “news producers” around the country since it wasn’t as catastrophic as last year’s hurricane in Houston.

So, application from that story – we have to seek out that which is important to us. God’s presence is important, rather I should say vital to us. His reign in our lives is crucial and important to us.  So, taking the negative and making it a positive, may a record amount of God’s reign and presence fill your lives and people you are around.  I was having a great meeting with someone this month and the words they said to me have rung in my ears daily, “Let us move people closer to Jesus each and every day.”  It doesn’t mean that every single person you see gets the four spiritual laws and an invitation to salvation on the spot. But it does mean that by being aware of others and being sensitive to the voice of the Lord, we can make a difference in people’s lives that points them towards, and shows them the Love of the Lord to them, in their life.

Another friend in that meeting shared how their brother felt the prompting in the grocery store to pay for the person’s entire cart in the aisle over from where he was.  He wrestled with that (as we all do) and ended up finishing paying for his cart just in time to run over and swipe his card for a lady who ended up sharing that she was literally deciding what items she needed for her kids that she would have to put back. It was a tangible contact point of God’s love for her.

Be encouraged to be a difference maker. Seek that which matters, and share that which you have found with others.


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