In some places right now as I write this, it is already 2014. Here at our house we are about 15 minutes from welcoming a brand new calendar year and I felt it appropriate to reflect on 2013 and look ahead towards the coming year.

2013 started with the first of three job changes throughout the year. I went from the Alumni offices of ORU to the Advancement office of the Executive Vice President and landed in the land of television as the Business Manager for GEB America. All three jobs were within the ORU sphere and I am thankful for each and every role because through each role I was able to create and/or strengthen working relationships, learn fresh lessons, and watch the Lord show Himself strong in my weakness.  I am thankful to get to work with the GEB team and look forward to a great 2014 together!!

I have walked along hand in hand with my wife as she has been endeavoring (very successfully) to complete her Doctoral studies, and it has been a wonderful journey.  I am so blessed to walk out life with my beautiful, smart, talented, and lovely wife, Rebecca Gunn.  2013 was full of firsts for us with our little daughter. She turned major marks of 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and 15 months all within 2013!

Being a daddy has truly added a layer onto what joys and fun truly look like. There is nothing quite like hearing your daughter say “Dada!” and look at you with the cutest smile! There is also nothing like watching the women I married and love, pour herself into our little angel of a girl and love her even more!!

Well, it’s now 2014 as I was writing this (paused for countdown and cheers!) and so as I look towards this new year there are a few things I felt to share.

1. This is a year of health, strength, and growth for me personally. I have begun small steps within 2013 of getting healthier, losing 21lbs from last Christmas to this Christmas, and I am thankful. I will be continuing those and building upon those steps to make larger strides for not just “weight loss” but getting healthier- stronger, more endurance, and able to do the things I am called to do this year. Also it’s not about just physical strength.  Mental and intellectual growth is something I am challenging myself (and any of you reading) to be more intentional about. I want to read at least 12 books this year.

2. This will be a year of many more firsts for our family as we continue to enjoy life with our daughter and I just pray I am giving ear to the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit as I lead my family and work with my lovely wife to raise our beautiful daughter.

3. This is a year of connections. I feel like across the personal and business realms for us, this will be a year of long standing relationships.

4. I saved one certain key for last, and that is that my wife will complete her classes for her Doctoral studies and study and take her comprehensive exams. Upon completion of these, she will reach an elite group of those who have not quit their Doctorate and are “A.B.D” or have All But their Dissertation remaining. I am proud of her already and am looking forward to supporting and encouraging her to this wonderful accomplishment. Then we shift gears and do the same thing through the dissertation!!

Thanks for reading. May you have a wonderful and blessed Happy New Year!

In His service,

Stephen Gunn, MBA.

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