Create life

Embryo. Fetus. Baby. Joy of life.
Idea.   Dream.  Life.

As a soon to be father (technically I already am) with the soon coming arrival of a little bundle of joy, I can’t help but think about the amazing reality that a life is formed and completely woven together through the most intricate and astonishing process within a woman. I remember the first sonogram picture and even with just a blip on the screen, seeing that tiny heart beat, there was life!

After many visits since that first one, I marvel each time at the ability of my beautiful wife’s body to support and nurture our little baby along the way. How someone can go through being a father or mother and not know that the Creator God in Heaven is the same one who gives life and is the author of life….well that’s just beyond me. Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Our little baby is being fearfully and wonderfully made right now at this very moment. Soon I will get to hold that same baby in my arms and marvel even more at the miracle of life.  In the midst of the planning and waiting I have thought several times about the amazing role model my father was to me as I grew up.  And then I think even further about the heart of The Father and how He continues to lead me and guide me in my steps.  


My current place of employment, my alma mater – ORU, has the tag-line “Make No Little Plans Here.” which was something our founder, Oral Roberts said and even had on his desk in a little plaque.  I have huge plans for our little baby and huge dreams for the lives that will be changed because of this little gift that I am waiting to get to meet.  


So my challenge to you, the reader, is what little plans have you made?  How can you grow those plans to bigger plans?  What have you settled for and have you gotten the right perspective?  Having a baby on the way can provide great perspective for love and responsibility.  Are you preparing for a “baby” of some sort within your organization?  Is there some plan and dream that needs some attention and nourishment?  


The difference within an organization compared to human life is that we as the humans are the one’s who give life to the organization and to the idea.  Your words to your co-worker can create life or destroy.  The way you talk to a direct report can develop their perception of life, leadership, and their dreams.  Cautious response to loaded questions can be the difference in someone’s personal and organizational development.  

Create life and be thankful when we have the opportunity to steward and develop a life, idea, or dream that has been entrusted into our care.